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Kitchen must-haves

Before the year ends, many of us try to throw out all the unwanted items around the house to make way for new ones. Many such just consume space and we never really use them – or perhaps only once or twice a year. However, you do not necessarily need to throw out your unwanted items, but simply rearrange them ... Read More »

The Perfect Spices for your Kitchen

It’s great to spice up your food with fun ingredients. So keeping lots of spice jars in your kitchen is essential if you want to create some fantastic, delicious meals. Here are the perfect spices to keep in your kitchen: Black Pepper Salty food seasoned with black pepper is amazing. You must have this jar in the cupboard and make ... Read More »

How to keep Kids busy in the Kitchen

It’s extremely annoying when kids touch everything in the kitchen and hang around around your legs, so you can’t cook what you need to for the evening meal. Sometimes it can even be dangerous to have bored children about if they end up touching or getting too near to the gas appliance in the kitchen. But the little darlings can be ... Read More »

How to choose different colours in your Kitchen

Using a blend of colours allows for the perfect kitchen transformation. The right colours can be a true showstopper to impress family members and guests. Many of us have been tempted to choose neutral colours for the kitchen, for example; white, creams and off-white shades. Using such colours will make your kitchen look the same as everyone else’s. Instead, choose ... Read More »

Stylish Kitchen Design by Kim and Matt

Many of us buy a house on the basis of finding a kitchen that meets our needs. Designers offer new and unique designs, knowing that times have changed and people are looking for attractive designs as well as practicality. A buyer will often choose a house with an artistically designed kitchen over a house with a more traditional version. It ... Read More »

Stunning Kitchen Designs for 2014

Creating more space in the kitchen to entertain people has changed the focus for kitchen designs. The latest innovative kitchen designs aim to bring people together, making the kitchen the heart of the house. In 2014, designs have become more oriented towards integrating spaces, storage and preparation areas with innovative and original ideas. Butler’s laundry  The butler’s pantry concept has ... Read More »

6 Top Tips for Kitchen Design

Kitchen work triangle A ‘Kitchen work triangle’’ has always been the best layout for the kitchen, which helps everybody who use it every day. The entire structure is aimed at the best placement of key areas, such as the sink, fridge and cooker, arranging them so that two or more people can easily move around and carry out all the ... Read More »