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Designer kitchens – be inspired!

Chris & Jenna's Kitchen

This week, Kitchen Exquisite brings you some of the loveliest kitchens being designed today. They are all by The Good Guys Kitchen Design consultants. We hope that these pictures, along with our descriptions and expert tips, will give you a good idea of how to create an awesome kitchen for your own home. Michael and Carlene Michael and Carlene have ... Read More »

Stylish Kitchen Design by Kim and Matt

Many of us buy a house on the basis of finding a kitchen that meets our needs. Designers offer new and unique designs, knowing that times have changed and people are looking for attractive designs as well as practicality. A buyer will often choose a house with an artistically designed kitchen over a house with a more traditional version. It ... Read More »

Keeping the Kitchen Clean

Whether you are a fan of designer kitchens or used kitchens, the most important part of having one is keeping it clean and tidy. For who wants to prepare food and wash dishes in a dirty room which is piled up with plates, glasses, clothes and goodness knows what else? Here are ten ways to keep your kitchen looking exquisite ... Read More »