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What is more Aesthetically Appealing for a Kitchen Floor: Tiles or Wood?

When it comes to flooring materials, tiles and wood both deliver excellent style and comfort, but they also have their advantages and disadvantages. Your kitchen should not only look beautiful but it should also be easy to clean. Let’s first take a look at wood: Wood Wood has been a very important building material, historically. Choosing wood for kitchen-floor reflects ... Read More »

How to choose different colours in your Kitchen

Using a blend of colours allows for the perfect kitchen transformation. The right colours can be a true showstopper to impress family members and guests. Many of us have been tempted to choose neutral colours for the kitchen, for example; white, creams and off-white shades. Using such colours will make your kitchen look the same as everyone else’s. Instead, choose ... Read More »

The Basics of Renovation

Renovation should always result in spectacular transformations which clearly show the difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ kitchen style. It is important to hire a talented renovation expert if you want the job done properly. The designers should have the ability to take on the challenge to transform the room. They must deliver impressive designs which take in  new style ... Read More »

How To Make The Most Of A Very Small Kitchen

Small is beautiful, or so they say, but what do you do when faced with a tiny kitchen in need of refurbishment or redesign? Rising house prices are resulting in more and more people not being able to go straight to the larger properties they might have had in mind and so having to opt for a smaller house for ... Read More »

How To Make The Most Of 2012’s Autumn And Winter Fashion Trends

London Fashion Week recently burst onto September’s London scene in a final defiant flash of summer fun before of the muted tones of autumn and winter. Yet the presence of vibrant colours and exciting styles was certainly still noticeable. Forthcoming fashion trends for autumn and winter 2012 look set to focus on bold, geometric patterns and organic materials such as ... Read More »