Best 10 Ideas For The Kitchen Paint

Kitchen paint

Are you building a new home and planning the kitchen of your dream? Or perhaps, you want your kitchen to look fresh and new. They tell the truth: the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where you and your family will spend a lot of time and where your guests are likely to end up. It should be a space that creates a sense of cosiness and relaxation. Also, the kitchen ambience creates the style and personality that you want to reflect in your home.

Do you want a light and airy kitchen? A happy and quirky place? Or a cosy country kitchen? Regardless of appearance, the starting point should be defining a colour palette. An all-white kitchen will always look classic and timeless, but don’t be afraid to add colour even to a small kitchen. The paint colour – even the exact shade of white – that you choose for the walls will instantly set the tone.

One way to get the most out of this is by painting your kitchen cabinets. Whether it’s painting dark woods a bright white to brighten your space, or transforming white cabinets into a deep rich shade that creates a warm, cosy kitchen, or even a new layer of bright yellow or blue to add flavour. Changing the colour of kitchen cabinets will instantly transform your room. If you’re planning on going the DIY route, read this article to learn how to paint kitchen cabinets. Yes, you can paint even laminate cabinets! For more inspiration, let’s look at some of the popular kitchens for more ideas for kitchen decoration, including kitchen island ideas, equipment inspiration, lighting, and even some wallpaper uses.

Gray and white

We love grey, it is nice in any room and especially in the kitchen. The soft grey cabinets pop against the dark brown wood floors, creating a modern and stylish combination

Light blue

A light blue kitchen in island style adds the lighthearted spirit of the Autumn lake. It would pass a home designed for a big family. The light blu easily goes with bright colour details and is easy to clean. You can add red diner-inspired barstools add pops for a retro feeling.

Warm grey

The painting-like Martha Stewart’s kitchen features an understated neutral tone that associates with seacoast and shells. The warm grey pairs go nicely with copper cookware.

Canary yellow and blue

People say that you wouldn’t find more classic colour pairs than canary yellow and water blue to prove that blue and yellow make a timeless country combo. Even the 98-square foot galley kitchen looks nice with canary-yellow cabinets and quilt-like cement tiles. Adding the petite 20-inch range also maximizes cabinet space in the small kitchen.

Turquoise blue

The designer’s pick of turquoise blue can make the original paint especially if you have chosen the loft,  recycled tongue-and-groove boards. The turquoise tone complements the buttery yellow appliances, knotted pine floors, and wood barn cabinets, creating a charming rustic kitchen.

Soft green

The homeowners of the classic farmhouse kitchen can use soft green paint on both the panelled walls and cabinets to create a nice but not overwhelming ambience. Neutral accents such as reclaimed hickory beams, polished granite countertops, and slate floors transform pastels colours from sweet to timeless and sophisticated.

Bright green

If you are looking for a play of colours at home, the grassy green floors could fit your style idea.

If you decided to paint the kitchen floors a vibrant green, maybe, you know that blue and green mean relaxation, home, and happiness. These colours for your kitchen floor go well with bright white walls and bright checkered curtains.

Blue sky

If you are looking for inspiration, light cool, and laconic, think about a kitchen, in sky colours. This projected trend was born for a cosy converted school building. The designer trick that goes by this colour style is to remove the suspended ceiling – and make them higher. Also, a small room will look wider with installing the tongue-and-groove rafters and wrapping them in a dreamy shade of sky blue. The deep sky colour grabs attention, which makes the room feel like it’s stretching towards the sky.

Pale pink

If you want to bring a fresh colour to your kitchen and love the hello-kitty style, try some pink. If you aren’t ready for the full impact, just make the backdrop timeless and white, and turn your brush to appliances and accessories to add a touch of light pink. 

Pure white

There is nothing more timeless and completely looking new than a spacious totally white kitchen. This can pass especially well with kitchens that have different textures both literally and visually. But it does not mean that you have to avoid other colours in fact. For example, the clapboard walls and open shelving in the pure white kitchen, which keep white spaces from feeling absolute and sterile.