Designer kitchens

How To Decorate Your White Kitchen

White Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and when it comes to creating a comfy design scheme, you can never go wrong with an all-white palette. Do you want to know how you can create such an image? With everything from sleek furniture to eye-catching tiles, possibilities for decorating kitchens are endless. And first of all, you need to ... Read More »

Trendy tips about Kitchen Designer Radiators

Kitchen designer radiator

Every kitchen is using some kind of heating. In the past, we used to hide it somehow, but nowadays kitchen designer radiators can improve your room design by themselves. Should the kitchen have a radiator? Kitchens are often one of the coldest places in our homes, so choosing the right type and shape of radiator keeps them warm. Also, most ... Read More »

Kitchen Design Tips – How to Make Your Kitchen Look Its Best

Kitchen Design Tips - How to Make Your Kitchen Look Its Best

Many people struggle when it comes to creating the perfect kitchen. They may have no idea where to begin or what items they want in their kitchen, or where to even start. This is where you can gain some great tips for a kitchen design that can help you design the kitchen of your dreams. When you begin to create ... Read More »

Kitchen Designs Considerations

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. Other than your room, the kitchen is a place where you could reduce your stress especially if you love cooking or just eating. The kitchen is a room where you prepare and cook foods. Since it is considered as the heart of every home, a kitchen must be clean ... Read More »

Take a look at 15 celebrity Kitchens

Many of us like to follow trends started by celebrities, or at least like to see what the rich and famous people of the world choose. This week we bring you some celebrity-owned kitchens. Steve Martin’s Kitchen We all saw Steve in the movie, The Man With Two Brains, but people thought he was out of his mind when he ... Read More »

Designer kitchens – be inspired!

Chris & Jenna's Kitchen

This week, Kitchen Exquisite brings you some of the loveliest kitchens being designed today. They are all by The Good Guys Kitchen Design consultants. We hope that these pictures, along with our descriptions and expert tips, will give you a good idea of how to create an awesome kitchen for your own home. Michael and Carlene Michael and Carlene have ... Read More »

Kitchen must-haves

Before the year ends, many of us try to throw out all the unwanted items around the house to make way for new ones. Many such just consume space and we never really use them – or perhaps only once or twice a year. However, you do not necessarily need to throw out your unwanted items, but simply rearrange them ... Read More »

How to choose different colours in your Kitchen

Using a blend of colours allows for the perfect kitchen transformation. The right colours can be a true showstopper to impress family members and guests. Many of us have been tempted to choose neutral colours for the kitchen, for example; white, creams and off-white shades. Using such colours will make your kitchen look the same as everyone else’s. Instead, choose ... Read More »

The Basics of Renovation

Renovation should always result in spectacular transformations which clearly show the difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ kitchen style. It is important to hire a talented renovation expert if you want the job done properly. The designers should have the ability to take on the challenge to transform the room. They must deliver impressive designs which take in  new style ... Read More »

Stylish Kitchen Design by Kim and Matt

Many of us buy a house on the basis of finding a kitchen that meets our needs. Designers offer new and unique designs, knowing that times have changed and people are looking for attractive designs as well as practicality. A buyer will often choose a house with an artistically designed kitchen over a house with a more traditional version. It ... Read More »