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Stunning Kitchen Designs for 2014

Creating more space in the kitchen to entertain people has changed the focus for kitchen designs. The latest innovative kitchen designs aim to bring people together, making the kitchen the heart of the house. In 2014, designs have become more oriented towards integrating spaces, storage and preparation areas with innovative and original ideas. Butler’s laundry  The butler’s pantry concept has ... Read More »

6 Top Tips for Kitchen Design

Kitchen work triangle A ‘Kitchen work triangle’’ has always been the best layout for the kitchen, which helps everybody who use it every day. The entire structure is aimed at the best placement of key areas, such as the sink, fridge and cooker, arranging them so that two or more people can easily move around and carry out all the ... Read More »

How to Organize a Functional Kitchen

When editing facility owners are mostly based on the part of the restaurant that is visible to guests. Very few of them and all those who are not chefs , do not pay attention to the functionality of the kitchen . The kitchen is earnings The kitchen is one that every restaurant makes money , and the main reason for ... Read More »