6 Top Tips for Kitchen Design

Kitchen work triangle

A ‘Kitchen work triangle’’ has always been the best layout for the kitchen, which helps everybody who use it every day. The entire structure is aimed at the best placement of key areas, such as the sink, fridge and cooker, arranging them so that two or more people can easily move around and carry out all the kitchen work. Fridge should always be positioned next to the entrance so that one does not need to walk across the whole kitchen area to reach it.

Butler pantry

If you have a large family, or live with lots of other people, then having a butler pantry is a must. Just imagine if your neighbour visited your kitchen and saw pots and pans in the sink, or food crumbs spread all over the table and floor. A butler pantry will ensure that the kitchen shelves will not only look clean, but their original beauty will be on full view too. You can prepare everything for dinner and leave it all in the pantry, and then sort everything out once your guests leave.

Bringing inside and outside together

A lot of time is wasted sorting out barbeque arrangements if your kitchen is far away from the BBQ area.  Therefore, the best idea is to join indoors and outdoors with the right design elements. Place your kitchen right next to the outdoor area. Then, it’s not just easy to use but also looks entertaining, especially at parties.

Two sinks are better than one 

Having two sinks offers a great advantage, especially when you do not have that much space in the butler’s pantry. You can easily wash your hands or rinse glasses, even when one sink is full of dishes and pans by the end of the day.

Two worktops are better than one

Two sinks in one worktop is nice but if you have more space and wish to make your kitchen look more organized, then install two separate worktops with an appropriate gap in between. One is for you to cook and wash and other will be for guests so they can easily access the necessary kitchen items.


Dining bar inside the kitchen 

Stools are an essential part of the kitchen design, because they don’t just look stylish, but also take up less space than chairs. More and more people are using them for dining bars these days. Because of small table and stool sizes, dining bars can easily be placed inside the kitchen. It’s fun to watch the chef cooking and talking with guests at the same time.