How to Organize a Functional Kitchen

When editing facility owners are mostly based on the part of the restaurant that is visible to guests. Very few of them and all those who are not chefs , do not pay attention to the functionality of the kitchen .

The kitchen is earnings

The kitchen is one that every restaurant makes money , and the main reason for the existence of the restaurant . If your cooks do not have good equipment in the kitchen, you can not expect that you will have fast service . If your real cook pancakes in the same way as your wife home, then you must realize that hot pancakes can not get 200 people in five minutes .

The equipment is very important

How many times have you been to a restaurant that has great food , but the service is slow sometimes , of course, reason and no ability to save faster , but mostly it is a lack of equipment . On the one organized evening I annoy because I had five donuts waiting for 40 minutes and I asked the chef did the problem get five donuts . He laughed and said five is not a problem , but I was here 200 , this means that it takes 1,000 donuts , deep fryer and they can not fit more than a tenth After that, I began to observe this problem in another way , and that is not that slow cooks faster option than not prepare for no- cuisine restaurant equipment .

Schedule cuisine in the form of the letter “U ” is the optimal

Kitchen-Cabinet-OrganizersExploring this issue , I realized that the most functional kitchens that are in the shape of the letter “U ” , and that there is a circular system . Kitchen units should begin with a sink and ending with the stove . The waiter entering the kitchen makes dirty dishes that are placed in the sink or dishwasher . After that, there should be the space for drying dishes , desktop and stove , oven or grill . If the kitchen is designed in such a schedule chef entering the food takes over at the entrance to the kitchen , and also comes with dishes when it is deposited at the beginning of cooking. The functional kitchen is a kitchen where she nobody bothers anyone else and that everything is moving from hand to hand in the correct order .

The role of the kitchen in a restaurant is that for the short time you throw more quality food , and of course that would not violate hygiene kitchen . Recently, more and more frequently used stainless steel kitchen – not because they are simple to maintain , and the price is more affordable every day .

Investing in the kitchen give the possibility to the chef to do more , that customer is satisfied and that you have less problems with sanitary inspection .