Stunning Kitchen Designs for 2014

Creating more space in the kitchen to entertain people has changed the focus for kitchen designs. The latest innovative kitchen designs aim to bring people together, making the kitchen the heart of the house.

In 2014, designs have become more oriented towards integrating spaces, storage and preparation areas with innovative and original ideas.

Butler’s laundry 

The butler’s pantry concept has been found extensively in kitchen design concepts. In 2014, the concept has been taken one stage further, incorporating the laundry to take full advantage of the space where the butler’s pantry exists. Placing both the butler’s pantry and laundry in one unified space helps achieve an easy workflow of cooking and washing.

Indoor Barbeque

If you live on the second floor and cannot enjoy a barbeque party outdoors, then having your kitchen design incorporate a barbeque experience is the ideal compromise. You can have all the elements of open air dining placed in the kitchen merging creativity and convenience in one space.

The whole design will appear luxurious, amalgamating top quality range hoods over the barbeque with a bespoke entertaining area.

Industrial expression

An industrial look can be achieved by a combination of sophisticated light woods with a raw industrial palette. Softer materials can also be introduced to complement the industrial lines and preserve a neat look.

Such a look provides an easy maintenance approach, combined with beauty and elegance.

Organic feel

Many kitchen designers prefer natural designs rather than going overboard for professional and industrial looks. Therefore, they love using raw materials such as stones, timber and laminates, using all available space, for instyance by putting floorboards on the walls. Such designs look both modern and naturally appealing.

Indoor courtyard 

Incorporation of both indoors and outdoors is a brilliant way of bringing a unique look to the kitchen. If your home has beautiful exteriors with plenty of plants and paving, then install a transparent glass wall and let the natural life shine into your kitchen.