Keeping the Kitchen Clean

Whether you are a fan of designer kitchens or used kitchens, the most important part of having one is keeping it clean and tidy. For who wants to prepare food and wash dishes in a dirty room which is piled up with plates, glasses, clothes and goodness knows what else?

Here are ten ways to keep your kitchen looking exquisite – without the need to too much elbow grease.

1. Put oven dishes, saucepans and other dirty items into water with a splash of washing up liquid to soak as soon as you dish up their contents. Leaving them out while you eat, or even until the next morning, will only cause the food to harden and stick to the sides.

2. Loosen dried on food and grease from the inside of your microwave by filling a non-metal cup half full of water and blasting it in the microwave for a few minutes on high. The steam will loosen the food and make it easier fro you to start scraping. Adding lemon juice to the water will add a lovely fresh smell.

3. Keep half a lemon in the fridge too, to combat overpowering food smells. You can also use baking soda mixed with a little water to clean any stains inside and a cotton bud dipped in clean washing up water to clean along the door seals.

4. Keep kitchen windows sparkling clean by washing them with a bucket of half water, half white vinegar. Use a scrunched up newspaper page to wipe the water away – the ink will add polish to the glass. Buff with a lint free cloth to finish.

5. If you have a narrow glass or china vase or container that is dirty inside, crush egg shells and swirl them around inside the vase with some hot water. Alternatively, add an alka seltzer tablet to loosen the dirt before rinsing thoroughly.

6. Clean a dirty blender or food processor by adding washing up water and switching the blender back on. The water will release any food particles stuck to the blades, ready to be rinsed out.

7. Clean and disinfect a kitchen waste disposal unit by crunching ice cubes made with water and white vinegar from time to time.

8. Buff up a scratched stainless steel surface by running steel wool gently across the marked area, going along the grain of the metal. finish off with a proprietary cleaning product and cloth.

9. If you opt for am ex-display kitchen that has become dusty, don’t forget to wipe the tops of cupboards too – these areas often get neglected and can become dirty and greasy.

10. Pay attention to cooker hood filters and clean them regularly. Open the windows from time to time to let the fresh air in and the cooking smells out.