How to keep Kids busy in the Kitchen

It’s extremely annoying when kids touch everything in the kitchen and hang around around your legs, so you can’t cook what you need to for the evening meal. Sometimes it can even be dangerous to have bored children about if they end up touching or getting too near to the gas appliance in the kitchen.

But the little darlings can be very useful to have around in the kitchen if you show them how to help you cook. For example asking them to carry out small tasks, such as pressing buttons on the rice cooker or adding ingredients to a bowl. When they successfully help with kitchen tasks, it gives them a real sense of accomplishment and develops the habit of carrying out tasks effectively and enjoying lending a hand. Including your kids in the kitchen does take up more time to begin with, but the end result of having confident, accomplished young cooks in the family is well worth it in the long run.

Below are  few roles which younger or older kids can perform for you:

Grocery Organiser

When you go out for groceries, let your children take charge of the shopping list, guiding you to the right items to pick and buy. When you get home, ask them to help you arrange and store everything in the fridge, freezer and pantry.

Table Setter

Let your child set the table for every meal. Some kids really enjoy doing this. Let him place the cutlery, glasses and plates for everyone on the table and praise him when he does so neatly and correctly.

Recipe Reader

To keep children busy when you are baking, ask them to read the recipe out loud for you. Also to pass you the ingredients as they crop up in the recipe. This way, your child will be able to enhance his reading skills and enjoy sharing the baking task with you.


Ask your child to mix ingredients for you in a bowl. You might like to do some of the messier prep work yourself, for example cracking eggs, sprinkling herbs and spices, chopping up  vegetables etc., but let him add as much as he can and mix everything together.

The kitchen clearer

Older children can help take dirty dishes back to the kitchen once everyone has finished their meal. He can clear the table and help you rinsethe plates.

If you have more than one child, rotate the kitchen jobs among them to keep it interesting. Turn cooking into a great experience and help them enjoy their jobs. Make your kitchen a family friendly space where everyone is welcome to come and learn about food and healthy eating.