What’s Hot in the Kitchen in Spring 2014?

2014 is now well under way, with the spring weather enticing us outside more and more.

Yet back inside the house, the kitchen remains the focus of the home, as it’s still the place where food is prepared, meals are enjoyed, guests are welcomed and muddy boots are washed, ready for more outdoor fun.

The fashion-conscious among us will be aware that the kitchen is the perfect place to reflect current design trends to create a room that is both spring-like and bang on trend.

Try out some textures

This year has seen more and more experimental textures being used in kitchen design and this is a focus that’s perfect for spring.

Longer days allow the sunlight to stream in and bounce off the different surfaces. Marble, glass, mirrors and concrete all give off very different reflections and vibes, with 3D textured wall art proving popular too.

Muted metals

If you don’t want to make radical changes to your kitchen, or if you are unable to change very much, for instance if you have chosen an ex display kitchen, evoke the metal mood with a handful of accessories. ‘Manipulated’ metals like brass, copper, pewter and nickel are due for a resurgence in popularity.

Look for vintage kettles, pots and pans or wall hangings to add a subtle flavour to your kitchen.

Pastel perfection

Taking a leaf out of the world of fashion: an emerging spring trend in interior design focuses on pastel colours that echo the spring flowers outside.

Creating a pastel kitchen can make an elegant, sophisticated statement that is both timeless and relaxing. Use pastels on feature walls, or as accents in blinds, curtains or kitchen linens.

Go geometric

Ultra modern kitchens can be kept in vogue with the addition of bold geometric patterns that again evoke the symmetry of flower petals, birds’ feathers and butterfly wings. They add interest and excitement, yet their repetitive nature can also be very reassuring.

Very vintage

The design trend gift that keeps on giving – this perennial theme is showing no sign of ending any time soon. The joy of going vintage is the sheer choice; you can choose from almost any time period you like and have great fun shopping for kitchen accessories to match it.

If you are lucky, you might even be able to find some retro ex display kitchens to pull together a really polished look.

Trust timber

Finally, the natural world, emphasised so neatly by the arrival of spring can be recreated in your kitchen by having plenty of timber on show. Browse natural wood doors and drawers, chopping boards and surfaces, storage jars and even wall art. The choice is yours.

Fancy a spring makeover for your kitchen? Go for it! The possibilities are endless and the inspiration is right there, on your own doorstep.

Original Source: SWNS