How To Make The Most Out Of The Space In Your Kitchen

As I get older and my array of fancy utensils builds up I have been finding it harder and harder to find space for it all, which is why I have decided to share some of my many space-saving secrets for your kitchen. All the items mentioned in this list are easily accessible from your local DIY store or you could even make some if you’re feeling creative.

Magnetic Knife Holder

This is perfect for saving some space in your draws; you can put it anywhere on your wall or even get one that stands on your counter if that is what suits your needs.

magnetic knife holder

Inside cabinet door trash can

If you find your bin to be an ugly smelly inconvenience like I do then you will love this, it fits in behind your cabinet door to free up space in smaller kitchens or just so you don’t have to look at it anymore.

Over Door Trash Can

Trash bag dispenser

In the same cupboard you have your bin in you can also have a bin bag dispenser, this handy little trick lets you rip out a new bag with ease, it’s pretty fun too.

trash bag dispenser

Upside-down stemware rack

Wine glasses are beautiful things and deserved to be shown off; keeping them in a cupboard won’t do you any favours. Not only do you save space but you get to show off all your eloquent glasses without seeming like you’re showing off, clever right?


Tension rod

You can use a tension rod to hold up all of your spray bottles and make some room underneath for all your washing up liquid and fabric conditioner.

tension rod spray bottle

Hanging chopping boards

I’ve gone for chopping boards here, but you could hang pretty much anything anywhere that has space. Just put  a nail in your wall and use the little hole on the end to hang it up.


Stackable/under hanging shelves

There is nothing worse than trying to get a specific pot or pan out from the bottom of a massive pile, you either knock everything down or spend 10 minutes taking everything else off it. A stackable shelf solves this problem by creating another shelf to put your things instead of piling it all up, the under-hanging shelves create even more space for you if need be.

stackable kitchen shelves